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Welcome to the registration page.  Please fill in as much information as possible.  Only your address, phone and email information is shared publicly on the website; all other information is only viewable by you and the website administrator (HOA Management office).  The HOA Management office will refer to this directory in the case of any emergency situation where alternate contact information may be required.

The HOA Management office uses this database to correspond with residents through community e-mail blasts and robo-calls.  The HOA Management office will also utilize this database when sending e-mails or robo-calls regarding the scheduling of committee meetings, etc.  Only the first e-mail address and phone number entered into this database will be used.  There is a line for an alternate phone and e-mail; however, these entries will not receive automated calls or emails.

You and any family member residing with you may open separate accounts to use your own personal phone and/or e-mail contact information.  

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